Street Photography Walks in London and a Convention

The last 7 days have been busy, productive, and very enjoyable. It started last Friday, when I attended the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) Convention, where I had the pleasure to meet a number of businesses and fellow photographers at the Hilton Hotel, London. It was great to see all the different stands selling or promoting their cameras, camera accessories, printers, software, services, books, or lessons; but this visit was all about connecting with people. Having skills, talent, and knowledge are of course very important to an individual doing well within their chosen field. But having good people around you to help you make better decisions, give valuable advice, inspiration, or even open up other opportunities, is another important aspect. Personally I prefer to meet someone face to face, rather than by email, at least that way they can get to see how I conduct myself, and whether they could work with me in the future. In the few hours I was there, I was able to speak to some really cool people, and set up some things regarding my work being printed, a meet up with another photographer, and great advice regarding this website! For any potential photographers reading this, I would totally recommend attending these types of events, as you never know whom you may come across, and what doors may open up for you.


The following day, I was very fortunate to have a camera walk with fellow SPi Collective member, Walter Rothwell. This was not only very informative and valuable it was also extremely funny. Walter is a multi award winning photographer and award winning film developer. He only shoots in film, and has been featured in numerous exhibitions, magazines and websites, there’s actually too many to mention! But you can see how many there are for yourself, on his website A very interesting thing about Walter is that he is half blind, and I would love to tell you more about this, but he has two very good articles on his eye condition already, which you can read at the Phoblographer and Feature Shoot. With Walter being in the photography industry for 30+ years, there’s not much he hasn’t experienced, and was more than happy to give advice and support regarding my photography career. He showed me a new technique when shooting from the hip, which was clever, and something I will give a go in the near future. All in all this day was very rewarding and funny, and I look forward to another one very soon. Here are a few shots I captured that day.


Monday, the Street Photography International Collective announced weekly themed competitions on Instagram. This is something we’re very excited about, as it gives so many people an opportunity to have their work seen on The SPi website, along with announcements on our other social network accounts. Currently we have 7 themes running, which you can see by looking at our Instagram feed. Our first theme will be announced on Sunday, and the winner will be announced the following Weekend. If you’re on Instagram, and would like to enter, just follow @streetphotographyinternational and tag your photos with the correct theme hashtag.


Two days ago (Wednesday), I had the pleasure of walking the streets of London with another SPi Collective member Alan Schaller. Alan’s photography career is booming right now, with so many features recently, (again it’s better to share a link to his website than it is me listing them), he has been working non stop. Having recently come back from Morocco, he has been publishing this body of work online, and it is absolutely stunning. He will have this project exhibited in London very soon, with which I had an exclusive sneak preview and I shall be attending also.

So on with the day…Walking around with Alan was also very enjoyable, watching how quick he was to react after spotting a potential shot is very impressive. We had a bit of a joke with Alan using a bird calling technique in China, trying to get a shot. Whereby he does bird noises hoping for the subject to look around. I didn’t think later that day I would end up doing it myself! So apologies to anyone in the British Museum (of all places) that thought there were Gulls flying above them on the stairway. It was just two very odd men with cameras, trying to get some photos! Here are some of the shots I got from this day.




That is it for this week, I tried to keep it brief after last weeks post, so hopefully I managed it for you. 


Thank you very much for reading, and I wish you a great weekend.