My Street Photography Kit

It’s been a long time coming, but seeing as I’ve acquired a bit more kit since my last equipment blog, I thought it would be a good idea to update you with the latest look in my bag.

Alongside a brief bit of information on my street photography kit, I’ll also share some photos taken with each particular lens to hopefully give you a better understanding into their different fields of view and image quality.

Craig Reilly Street Photography Kit.jpg

My street photography kit

The equipment I use consists of two bodies, four lenses, and four batteries (one inside each body). Weighing in at only 2.3kg

*taken on iPhone X

  • Camera bag by Barbour. Waterproof, and big enough to carry the tools I need for shooting on the street and small enough to be comfortable to carry.
  • The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II and Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark I. Depending on whether I’m taking 1-on-1 workshops, group workshops or shooting the streets on my own, these bodies will have a specific lens attached on the day.
  • Voigtländer 25mm ƒ0.95. On a Micro Four Thirds (MFT) camera, you just double the focal length to match the equivalent of shooting on a 35mm camera, so this becomes a 50mm angle of view lens. That field of view is very close to what the human eye is, so it’s easier to transfer what you're seeing with your eye to your camera. When using this, I shoot almost wide open (f/1.4) 90 percent of the time, and with such a wide aperture it’s superb in low light conditions.

  • Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm ƒ1.8 (silver). A brilliant little lens. It was my first purchase and it’s my most used lens to date. Olympus has actually improved this (and many other lenses) with the M.Zuiko 17mm 1.2 Pro model that has an aperture of ƒ1.2 and also splashproof, freezeproof and dustproof.

  • Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm ƒ1.8 (silver). For me, this is the best value-for-money lens you can buy for the MFT format. From ƒ1.8 to ƒ11 the sharpness from centre to edge is incredible. And in my opinion, this has to be in everybody's MFT kit. 

Olympus M.Zuiko 12–40mm ƒ2.8 Pro. This lens is absolutely perfect for me when teaching street photography group workshops. With most attendees using between 24mm and 50mm focal length lenses, the 12-40mm covers all bases and produces excellent image quality.

  • Business cards.
  • Two spare batteries for my EM-1 Mark I and no spare batteries for my EM-1 Mark II. The Mark II battery is slightly larger than the Mark I, but it does now have an extended battery life of approximately 440 shots from a full charge. I normally charge the battery the night before, so it's easily enough for a street walk on my own.
  • San Disk Extreme Pro SD cards 32gb x 2. I have the 32gb in my camera at all times, and delete the images once I’ve transferred them to my portable hard drive via Lightroom.
  • Lens cloth.

Hopefully that's given you a bit of an insight into my street photography tools and their capabilities, and if you have any questions on any of the above post, please feel free to contact me or leave your comments below.

If you would like to purchase any of the photos shown, please visit my print shop here.