What's in my bag?

Hello and welcome to the latest blog post. I hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks, captured some great shots, and looking forward to the weekend. First of all, apologies for not posting last week, but I’ll mention why further down in this post.

Back to the now…as I have been asked a few times this week as to what kit I use, today I’m going to show exactly what’s in my camera bag each time I go out. And I’ll be totally honest, this post is going to be pretty short, as there’s not much in my bag at all.

For me personally, as a street photographer I like to carry as little gear as possible, and also remain as inconspicuous as possible. The size and weight of my old Olympus E-M10 played a big part in me getting into street photography in the first place, and I still try to keep the weight I carry to an absolute minimum. Even though I purchased both the Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm & 45mm 1.8 lenses, and then upgraded to the slightly heavier (approximately 100g) and bigger Olympus E-M1, the bag when full, is still about half the weight of a semi pro DSLR and lens.

Without further ado, here is my bag and its contents. (Taken with my old E-M10 and M.Zuiko 14-42mm kit lens).


  • The bag is made by Fossil, and isn’t specifically made for cameras, but does a great job of carrying things.
  • The Olympus OM-D E-M1 (black) with Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm 1.8 (silver) attached.
  • Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm 1.8 (silver). Both lenses were purchased in silver to match my old silver E-M10.
  • Lens hood for my 17mm.
  • Olympus Flash (FL‑LM2). As I shoot in natural available light, I haven't used it yet.
  • Box of business cards.
  • Above that box are two spare batteries, with an ‘X’ marked on one to differentiate the two. I normally charge the Olympus battery inside my camera the night before I go out, which would get me through a photo walk comfortably, but it’s always best to have a couple of spares.
  • Next to those are two San Disk Extreme Pro SD cards 32gb and 16gb. I have the 32gb in my camera at all times, and delete the images once I’ve transferred them to my portable hard drive via Lightroom.
  • Business card holder that holds 6 business cards.
  • A torch. Purely for the reason of one day I’m sure I’ll need a torch.
  • Two batteries. (Not inside the torch, as I think it drains their energy even when not in use) 
  • Lens cloth.
  • Joby Gorillapod. Again this was bought for my E-M10 and hasn’t been used with my E-M1, but as it weighs next to nothing it’s no hardship to take with me.

So there you have it, my kit.

All in all I think it weighs close to 1kg, which allows me plenty of room for a bottle of water and a snack, and of course no back or shoulder pain! I’ll be purchasing a new 25mm lens very soon, which I’m sure will be on my camera 95% of the time. So whether I’ll be carrying my 17mm & 45mm anymore brings the potential of even less kit to carry.

As mentioned in the introduction, I was unable to post anything last week. This was due to a busy and great start to it (I went to the British Life Photography Awards at the Mall Galleries, London, and was extremely proud to have my work from Barcelona featured on Creative Boom) and unfortunately I was also feeling unwell towards the end of it. So with this in mind, I will now give myself more time, and aim to post something fortnightly, which will also give me more opportunity to capture some shots.

Speaking of which, here is the image that I was thrilled to have featured in the British Life Photography Awards book, Portfolio 2 - Brits on Holiday category.

And the link to my Barcelona work on Creative Boom can be seen here.

That's it for this week's post, I hope you've enjoyed it. Even though I have got one in mind already, I would love to hear your recommendations on a 25mm lens.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you a great weekend.

Happy snapping,