Liars & Cheats

Back in May, I was contacted by Director, Jacob Migicovski in regards to being an on-set photographer for his upcoming movie Liars & Cheats. The main reason Jake contacted me (in his words) was due to really liking my style, and moreover a street photographer who can react to anything and find a dynamic frame. The movie industry is something I've wanted to get into for such a long time, and after reading the script and hearing about the location, it really was an easy decision and exciting opportunity to be a part of. But there was one factor that really stood out and made this whole project unique, Jake told me they were shooting this feature film in 5 days!!

Shooting began on the 3rd June, in an apartment very close to Petticoat Lane Market, with the whole production crew meeting at a cafe close to the set location, early that Sunday morning. At the very start it seemed very much like first day of school, saying hello to people you're not too familiar with and trying to give a good first impression by being yourself. 

With Jake already telling me some rooms would be quite restricted, my kit consisted of both the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark I and Mark II bodies, with my widest lenses, the Olympus 17mm 1.8 and 12-40mm 2.8 attached to each. So upon entering the apartment (which was absolutely stunning by the way) I really wanted to get a feel for the place and started having a look at particular angles and how much light was entering the room. I started taking some test shots while everyone else was in their own professional zone, setting things up. With time being such an important factor, it wasn't long before the actors arrived and started rehearsing, with the Director of Photography, Diana Olifirova and Steadicam Operator, Jess Doxey going through the first scene together. From the off, it was amazing to see the different departments of cast and crew absolutely on point, working as a team to get the first day's shoot off to the perfect start with a means to carry it on throughout the week. By 7pm, Assistant Director/Producer, Fred Bonham-Carter called a wrap for Day 1 and requested everyone to be ready to do it again in 12 hours time. With a short turnaround there really wasn't any time to view the shots I had taken that day, so it was transfer to Lightroom and bed!

As the week progressed, the process was becoming second nature, rehearsal, blocking, rehearsal with camera, and action. And the team work was becoming even more united; with working relationships building we really were having some funny moments in between shooting, Boom Operator, Duncan Craig being the main source of jokes and one-liners. It was Duncan who really helped me to get the shots during the live shooting of each scene (and the fact my E-M1's shoot in complete silent mode), often following him around the room, making sure I wasn't in the shot, enabled me to manoeuvre into some decent positions and get these candid shots I was really happy with. 


On the 7th June, it was the final day of shooting and everything had gone unbelievably well; we were well on schedule to get the whole movie wrapped in 5 days! Surely something had to go wrong? No, it didn't! Unlike the movie there was no twist or nightmare situation that had to be resolved by a Manager, Agent or Acting Coach, the whole movie was shot from beginning to end in 5 days, which was a huge testament to all of those involved, and for me, the best experience I've had in my photography career. 

I've stayed in Instagram touch with a number of the cast and crew involved and would like to thank everyone who was a part of the movie, it was a real pleasure to meet and work with you. A special thanks to Jake, who has been an absolute delight to work with. I can't wait to see the completed movie in full.

For more information click on this link Liars & Cheats.