New Year, New Beginnings and Goodbye’s

Having written about the last 12 months in my last post, I would like to talk about the goals ahead for my photography this year, what actions I have taken to achieve them, and a few pieces of fantastic news.

In May this year, I have the wonderful milestone of turning 40, and with it approaching fast, I felt it was time to take a look at my life so far, and how I want to live the rest of it.

There are moments in life that happen for a reason; and it's in these moments that we have to dust ourselves down, assess the situation, and take appropriate action to turn them into a positive outcome. I had one of these moments towards the end of last year, which has given me the drive and passion to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer, and to enjoy my time trying to get there. After contemplating what to do for a few weeks, I made the big decision to hand my notice in at work and concentrate solely on my photography. Tomorrow will be my last day with the company, and I would love to say thank you to all the people I have worked alongside, and have become very good friends with in the process. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, and I will be staying in touch for sure. Thank you.

Since making that decision, my photography journey has progressed substantially, in a very short space of time. This got me into the mindset of setting myself a few goals for this year. There’s a very interesting post at Creative Boom here that has helped me set these goals. Of course, these set goals can be used for anything you desire; whether that’s in your current role within your company, ambitions in your education or starting a new path like I have. Just set yourself three goals, and who knows what you will achieve with your own drive, passion, and the help of good people around you.

The three goals I have set myself are written on my phone to remind me each time I look at it, (who doesn’t look at their phone a lot these days!); in capital letters underneath, I have written ENJOY IT. For me this is the most important part. What is the point of doing something you don’t enjoy? That may sound flippant to some, but for me, life is too short to not follow what I enjoy in life, and to make sure I share it with the people I love most. Hopefully, as I continue on this path, I am able to inspire at least one person to start their own journey to fulfil their dreams and aspirations, and to above all, enjoy their time aiming for them. I would also like to wish you all the best in getting there, and be more than happy to help where I can.

From talking about what you can achieve with drive, passion and the help of good people, I would now like to share a few pieces of news I received this week, that have come from having these three factors.

Firstly, I was proud to be featured on Katy Cowan's hugely popular and successful blog Creative Boom, which supports the creative industries of art, crafts, graphic design, illustration and photography. So many talented, creative people are featured on Katy's blog, and I feel privileged to be amongst them. You can read Katy's fantastic blog post of my work here, and keep up to date with the latest creative talent, alongside tips, resources and interviews here.

I would also love to share the hugely exciting news of becoming a member of the Street Photography International Collective. This really was totally and utterly out of the blue, and of course accepted in a heartbeat. To be associated with the super talented photographers Ronya Galka, Alan Schaller, Gagan Sadana, Reuven Halevi and Walter Rothwell in the SPi Collective, is simply mind blowing, and a huge honour.

The SPi Collective was formed to showcase and promote street photography from around the world, and to give opportunities to those that want to share their work, no matter where they are from or how far they are in their photographic journey. I will work hard to help achieve this goal, and will be on the look out for new and upcoming street photographers on our Instagram account. We would love to see your best work; so for your chance to be featured, follow @streetphotographyinternational and tag your best street photography shots #SPiCollective, for the opportunity of a great platform to share your work. Also keep checking Street Photography International for news of each Collective member, and to see who the latest photographer is being featured on the Contributors Gallery.

Lastly, and of course by no means least! I received a sneak preview of my image “Paddington Silhouette’ printed in the fine art photography magazine Neoprime this week. You can view this sneak preview here and view the image in its entirety, in the colour section above.

I will be at the Lumiere light festival this Sunday, so if you see me, come and say hello.

Thank you very much for reading, have a great weekend, and happy snapping.