Craig Reilly
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Street Photography Workshops

with olympus ambassador and co-founder of Street Photography International


Boost your confidence in photography and see London like you've never seen it before


Street Photography Workshops

8 hours (with breaks)

A full day shooting on the streets of London. Craig starts the workshop by discussing the different ways to approach the art of street photography, the ethics of this exciting genre, some do’s and don’ts, as well as techniques to help you gain confidence photographing strangers in the street. Whilst taking in some of Craig’s favourite photographic locations, his main goal is to help you gain skills to take your street photography to the next level, by helping you develop your own style, training your eye to see potential scenes in everyday life, and an understanding in to what makes a strong image. Full day workshops can be tailored to your specification and skill level.

Workshops can be booked on a 1-on-1basis or in groups of 2 - 5 people.

Craig’s photography workshops help you:

  • Learn how to make the most of available light by controlling exposure.
  • Develop a street photographer’s eye by learning how to spot potential opportunities in everyday moments.
  • Advance your own photographic style and learn how to bring projects together.
  • Understand the main elements to a great street image.
  • How best to promote your work through social media.
  • Learn different techniques to tell a story in one image.

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I learnt from chatting with Craig as much as I learnt from his photos. 

Craig taught me to look over the contingency: work the picture anyway, even if it’s not the right time, the right light, the right situation. While you are exploring, a good picture may come along the way, but if it doesn’t you can come back at another time in the day (or in the year) and take the picture that you already know is there.
— Cristiano, Rome, Italy